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Content Changes – Content Trends in 2020

In the constantly changing marketing world it is difficult to draw a clear line between different marketing strategies. In the field of content marketing we often deal with the question: What is the difference between a content marketing strategy and a social media strategy? In theory there are two clear definitions, but in practice both strategies merge. A content marketing strategy becomes a social media strategy through the interaction on the platforms. As a result, the associated social media measures and goals should be defined during the development of the content marketing strategy. Among other things, these should be platform-specific and geared to the corresponding users and their needs. The aim should be to offer users specific, regular content so that the regularity of their interactions contributes to the regular improvement of their own performance. These specific platforms give rise to annual trends, a few of which we have summarized for the year 2020.

#1 Rising ad costs lead to a renewed focus on organic content

And this organic content is becoming increasingly high quality, as companies tend to invest their budget efficiently and not exclusively in ad spend for a long time. Especially in the area of video content it is exciting to see that the length of videos has become shorter and shorter in the last few years. Statistics show that this trend is continuing, and that performance is improving sustainably. Company videos are now mostly under 2 minutes long. The hype about TikTok and IGTV is real!

#2 Exception to the trend – YouTube & Stories

Users use YouTube to record information. This information in the form of videos is usually watched to the end by the classic YouTube user, as the length has no relevance. So, it is more about quality than quantity. The only counterpart to this long recording time of videos is stories. Stories also want to “tie” people to one place for a longer time and keep them by playing the short story videos in quick succession. This is the so-called slot machine effect, the game ends when the user decides to end it.

#3 Stories increase visibility on Instagram & Facebook

The story trend will continue in 2020 and will increasingly relegate the regular feed to the background. As soon as the stories are clicked on, they fill the whole screen of the Facebook & Instagram App and the user cannot be distracted by other content. The user has full control to interact with the stories as he likes. Control and the incentive that the story disappears after 24 hours is the basic concept of this social media strategy. For companies, this is an opportunity to communicate both organic and paid content in a sustainable way.

#4 Consumers in search of authenticity

2020 is the year of humanized marketing, and the company that makes contextual marketing accessible to everyone behind the scenes is winning.

6 tips:

  • Use TikTok: Show different dimensions via the new TikTok platform and allow the audience to see you in creative, improvised or user-generated content.
  • Live: Go live. Everywhere. Show the chaos of preparing for an event or other behind-the-scenes moments.
  • Podcasts: Record your podcast in real-world scenarios that allow your audience to experience your life and environment through sound. Collaborate with our Podcast Agency
  • No Filter: The Snapchat hype is coming to an end, leave it with the face filters. Let your listeners see how authentic they are.
  • More Video Content: Videos can tell a lot. Consumers look for contextual clues in your video marketing. They want more than just a perfect set and a perfect script.
  • Tell them the truth. Was 2019 a tough year?! Tell them what went wrong.