Crossmedial Content Prod.

Conception and content production for Volkswagen AG

We are one of the main content suppliers for the international social media channels of the Volkswagen brand.
Our lean content production boosts Volkswagen´s content pool that is used by all markets worldwide. Our photo and video assets are published crossmedial on the most famous social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

To ensure the biggest possible outcome of deliverables for our customer we always follow our most important maxim: high efficiency extended over the entire production. In conlcusion we produce as many content pieces as we can within a very short time period.

The design call is: urban and vibrant. The new brand design of VW expects us to produce content that on the one hand fits perfectly to the social media channels and on the other hand fits to the brand´s style.
Shooting destinations with very diverse locations were chosen, such as Los Angeles, San Diego, or Berlin.